Animal Cushions for you

Animal cushions can bring the African bush, the Amazon rainforest, the Australian wilderness or the English garden into your room.

These could reflect your favourite animals or provide a matching colour for your settee. Whatever you choose they will be a focal point and have cause for discussion.

Creating Animal Cushions

Picture panels can be bought with lots of different types of wildlife printed on them.

These can be made into wonderful animal cushion covers for a basic design or made into a quillow with the internal quilt showing more of the theme on the front.The dog panel shown above was on the front and inside the material had dog paws printed on it.

These panels could also be made into wall hangings instead and used like a picture on your wall.

You can create your own animal designs using techniques such as Applique or Cross Stitch.

These panels could also be made into wall hangings instead of cushions and used like a picture on your wall.

For your domesticated pets, cosy bedding can be made to provide them with a place to sleep or a cushioned bed for them. These can be made to fit the size of the basket or the box to give your pets extra warmth and comfort.

Cat Cushions

Making bedding for a Cat is fairly straightforward  and apart from the occasional paw padding cats use to get comfortable they should last quite a long time.  Cats sometimes need a variety of beds so they can choose where they would like to rest.

I made some  for my cats baskets when they were just kittens and they are now 14 years old. Apart from a little colour fading they are still good.

Dog Cushions

Dog bedding is very different mainly due to the wear or mainly tear these will have to endure. Puppies have sharp teeth, bored dogs chew, and their claws and rip a cushion in half.

With all this in mind your dog still enjoys a comfortable bed to sleep in and if it has other things to bite and chew may leave the bed alone. If not then at least you know that these can be replaced fairly quickly.

Bedding can be made to fit into wicker or plastic beds and if wanted a bought one could always be recovered to suit the colour of the room.

If you are not confident in making them for your pet.  The Range has a good supply of animal beds.

Hope you enjoy making some to suit your type of pet.

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