Wake up to Spring

After the dark days of Winter, the lighter, brighter days of Spring are most welcome. The sunny days really lift your spirits and sometimes allow you to make changes to your living environment, whether it is outside in the garden, redecorating your rooms or deciding to revamp your soft furnishings.

In the UK the weather at this time of the year can be the best, but typically the weather can be unpredictable with April showers and all that brings. What a good way to beat the wet weather than to get ahead with making things before the sun comes out and beckons you outdoors.

The first day of this season is usually around the 20 March and includes the months March, April and May. Some celebrations occur during these months, Easter being the main one. Others are Mothers day, St Georges Day and May day. Having two bank holidays at this time of year enhances the chances of have some time in the sun.

Spring Ideas

In this season new life is beginning, the trees and bushes begin to bud, crocuses, daffodils and tulips begin to poke through the soil. The display that these flowers give to any garden whether it is your own, in a park or along the banks of a river or road can be truly spectacular. Blossom trees give a colourful display before their green leaves appear. Birds build nests to rear their young and new lambs appear in the fields.

The colours are vibrant greens, of fresh grass and leaves. The yellows, purples, pinks and reds of the colours of a the flowers. These make your surrounding feel alive after the muted colours of winter and these can be brought into your house by making new cushions or replacing worn covers.

This is also a good time to wash your cushion pads and pillows to make them fresh. These should ideally be laundered every six months to keep them plump and eliminate any foreign substances.

There are lots of different fabrics that have bright colours, floral patterns or specific pictures. These could coordinate or contrast with your existing colours.

Get ahead with any coming celebrations by making seats for having picnics or barbecues. Lift up the ambiance of a conservatory or sun room by making bunting to hang up or change the seat covers.

Enjoy bringing these colours into your home.

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