Wonderful Long Summer Days

The season most people like the best is Summer, with the rich colours abundant on flowers, shrubs and trees whether they are in your garden, a park or by the roadside.

The colours that come to mind for this season are red, pink, white, purple, green, yellow and a lot more in between with a lot of plants having their flowering time now. With the wide choice of fabric available these colours can be brought indoors to enhance or match your colour scheme. Giving a bright change.

In the Northern Hemisphere the months of this season are June, July and August. Spring has just passed with its own colourful flowers and refreshing showers to bring the next flowering crop into full bloom and the dark days of Winter seem a long way off.

The solstice which is the longest day is classed as the first day of summer and in 2012 this was 21st June. This season then continues and ends on the Autumn Equinox around the 21st September.

The Southern Hemisphere sees this season in December, January and February.

The longer days means time to get outdoors, go for walks and have picnics and share a BBQ with friends and family. This time of year is usually when families take holidays to the sea-side. Schools close for a few weeks and holidays are taken from work to enjoy the sunshine and outdoor activities.

Cushions can be made to take outdoors to brighten up a patio area and provide a little comfort when lying on the grass.

Why not make a picnic set, with a matching cloth and bunting to make a celebration of it. These could also be used when having a BBQ as well.

There are many fabrics available showing seasonal flowers to bring into your home. There are also many fabrics with fruit and vegetable prints to give your cushions a personal touch.

Outdoor cushions can be made with waterproof fabric such as Oil-cloth. This will prevent the cushion from getting soaked if rain should suddenly begin or if they were left out by mistake.

However you spend your time this season, enjoy taking your cushions with you.

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