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Cushions Galore, Issue #023-December 2015
December 21, 2015

Festive Greetings in December 2015

Cushions Galore, December 18th 2015

Hello and welcome to new subscribers and an apology for the late publication of this newsletter as life away from sewing has taken over with property selling and all the work that comes with it.

Late November/December is a magical time for me and when going around the shops I just love to see all the different items. The shops for me are craft, fabric and bits and bobs shops as well as craft fairs (I haven't been able to attend any this year).

I just love to see all the lovely sparkly material that sends my creative mind into overdrive to working how to make different Christmas decorations for the room, table and/or tree. The designs on the material are really lovely and usually in so many colours other than the traditional Christmas ones.

Sewing for this festive season can be done in a number of ways, sometimes rooms are not really big enough to put up a tree so by making a large padded wall hanging of a Christmas tree could solve that dilemma. Bows, small baubles and probably even tinsel could be attached by ribbon loops and ties, press stud or Velcro fastening.

Another different item is to make a creatively stitched cake band to go around your Christmas cake this could be done with cross stitch, appliqué or different machine stitch patterns.

Fabric can be used to make re-usable wrapping for presents instead of paper. Little bags can be made to hold different sized items and used again and again.

New pages

There have been a few new pages since the last newsletter.

I have been asked to make a few individual items and have done a page about memory quilts. These can be made using clothes that are no longer needed for one reason or another.

There has been a lot done in the background and the look of my site has been changed which can take a long time to complete.

I also have finally got some videos uploaded of some basic knitting stitches like knit stitch, purl stitch and how to start knitting. This takes me ages to get the video of my knitting right and then again time to upload to You Tube.

Coming up next time

While in the festive mood I should like to expand my Christmas section.

I would like to add more stitches and videos for my knitting pages as it is very hard to describe in words what you are trying to get across. The videos are easier to see but take time to do.

The saga of my kneeling cushion still goes on and again I haven't made another one so hopefully ready for the new gardening season I shall try to get one made.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Kind regards and thank you for your support.


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