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Cushions Galore, Issue #021-March
March 01, 2015

Happy March

Cushions Galore, March 1st 2015

Hello and welcome to new subscribers.

The arrival of March gives an air of expectancy with the hope of better weather, new births for animals and growth for plants. Whether it comes in with sunshine or some of the well known storms, Spring is definitely just around the corner.

This time of year is when a lot of celebrations are beginning to be organised whether it is a garden or village show, a wedding or another event, decorating a room in your house or doing a complete overhaul. Getting those sewing machines out will add to the fun and make everyone feel involved.

Weddings can be made really personal if bunting, wedding favours and even tableware are made to go with the theme if there is one. This will make the day very special for the happy couple.

At home if decorating is taking place or the plans to do so are in your mind then try making new cushions and curtains to enhance the new colour scheme. Adding a few new cushions to an old colour scheme can bring a new flair.

When the weather warms up then there can be more to make for outside. I must try to get my new kneeling pads made for doing some weeding in the garden or else my tatty old faithful will still be in use.

Through the winter months my interest in knitting was rekindled when I was asked to make a jumper for my daughter and this gave ideas for a series of pages for my site.

Since the start of the year I have been busy decorating rooms which again as given the scope to make curtains.

New pages

There have been a few new pages since the last newsletter.

I went off on a tangent with another subject but one that was still relevant to cushions. On a particularly cold day I thought it would be lovely to snuggle up in a large knitted blanket or give instant warmth with a knitted cushion cover. These will add texture to a room if that is want is needed to get a different look. With this in mind a page was published.

I couldn't assume visitors could already knit so the pages about knitting needles, how to start knitting, how to finish knitting, Doing knit stitch, Doing purl stitch and knitting abbreviations were done. This has been a good learning curve for me as although I have knitted for years it was quite difficult putting the way I do things into words with corresponding picture.

Coming up next time

Sometimes I wonder whether I should include this section as the pages predicted in the last newsletter do not always materialise. Going off in a different direction doesn't help. But carrying on from knitting I am going to try a place short videos on the different knitting stitches to show the steps as well as still having the written steps on the site. A page about cable knitting could also be done.

Sewing steps for different heading of curtains will also hopefully be done soon.

Whatever type of project you have in mind or on the go enjoy.



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