The Versatility of Cushions

Cushions Galore, October 2011 -- Versatile Cushions

October 1st 2011

Hello and welcome to new subscribers in October.

Firstly I must apologise to not having a September Newsletter but holidays, work and family commitments took over and time just vanished.

As you begin to sew your cushions you will have to consider where you will place them.

Making a few simple scatter cushions in the latest colour will bring your room up do date if you wish. If your room is really bold then a more subtle cushion can tone it down.

There are many floral patterns and bright summer fabrics that would look really great in a conservatory or a sunny room. These would bring the garden inside.

But why keep your cushions inside? Hard garden furniture needs a few soft cushions to allow you to relax. Add a few plant pots in a matching or contrasting colour and you have got a pleasant seating area. Oilcloth or waterproof fabric could be used outside just in case they are left out.

Finer fabrics will be best placed in rooms where they are not going to get much wear, lace, satin and silk look lovely in a bedroom.

Brighter and hard wearing fabrics are really good for children's rooms.

Washable fabric can be used in the kitchen, playroom and also for your pets.

As you can see cushions have uses in every room of the house in one way or another and they can even be taken with you when you go out.

New pages this month

Carrying on with the theme of versatile cushions, I hope you will find my new page of travel cushions interesting.

I have often been to a venue where the seat had been really hard and had to resort to sitting on a jumper to make myself comfortable.

I am particularly pleased at how my picnic set has turned out, the cloth is approximately 48 inches (122 cms) square and the bunting makes a simple outdoor picnic into a celebration whatever the occasion.

Coming up next time

October is really heading fast into the Seasonal time, with Halloween, Guy Fawkes and dare I say it Christmas!! I hope to do some pages regarding these as it is never too early to sew for a celebration.

Meanwhile enjoy sewing and designing your cushions.


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