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Cushions Galore, Issue #032 Spring 2020
March 27, 2020

Spring 2020

Cushions Galore, March 27th 2020


Hope you like the picture above as I thought I would send you all a virtual bunch of roses, Not spring flowers I know but when I received them they really brightened up my day. I hope in these uncertain time the brighten your day a little.

With a lot of us having to stay in our homes now, even small things can seem daunting so it is also good to set some time aside to do what you need to do in order to keep you happy.

This could be listening to music, doing yoga, reading a book ( without feeling guilty) or doing craft work. I enjoy line dancing so every now and again it is headphones on and, if the weather is fine, out to the patio. I have downloaded the music to the dances and now just have to remember the steps.

Sewing, knitting, doing crochet, or the many other types of craft work really inspires creativity and rests the mind by concentrating on what you are doing at that time only. I have lots of oddments of fabric that may inspire me to try to create a picture as I have never done that before.

Learning something new can really challenge the mind as well to keep it active. A lot of my affiliates have kits for many different types of crafts. These kits are quite good as then you know that everything you need for that item is included. Crate and craft have paper craft ideas as well.

When you are finished take a picture and load them up to my cushion gallery to we can see the creations you have managed to make. I may do a special page gallery instead of the cushion gallery.

Looking back in time

Have you ever wondered how fabric is made?

Firstly the raw material have to be gathered and going back a long way in time, wool could have been the first fibre to be used to make cloth.

The natural fibres do not grow long enough to use so they have to be twisted together into a yarn, this is done by spinning. This was usually the work of women and is where the word spinster came from.

On of the first tools for spinning was a spindle. This could have been a stick that has a weight on it and that was suspended in mid air. The fibres were drawn out between the thumb and forefinger with the spindle adding the twist.

Machines were eventually made to help spinning and the first wheel for spinning was made just to help turn the spindle. In 1767 James Hargreaves, a British weaver, built the Spinning Jenny. This machine had eight spindles and it gave real possibilities to produce for many. Over time during the industrial revolution these machines were improved be continued next time.

New pages

I have managed a few new page adding to the sewing theme sewing seams This was to show some stages of sewing a simple flat seam and how to stop in from fraying.

I have also done a page about how to crochet This is a new chapter and some steps on this craft.

I have also managed a page on crochet hooks showing the different sizes and how to hold them.

If there is anything topic you would like to see cover then please Contact Me

Coming up next time

I would like to expand on the Crochet and sewing sections.

Keep well and safe. Sending the very best wishes to you all.

Warm regards


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