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Cushions Galore, Issue #014-Website on hold
October 18, 2012

Website on hold

Cushions Galore, October 2012 -- Website on hold

October 18 2012

Hello and welcome to new subscribers in October.

Summer has been and gone. Hope you all enjoyed the Olympics and the Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

Autumn is here and that brings beautiful colours of rich golds, deep reds and greens to give some colour to the short days.

This can also be time when the weather can be really good, so keep enjoying your outdoor activities while you can.

As the days get shorter in our approach to winter it is a good time to catch up on your hobbies, new or continuing. Although I don't like mentioning Christmas too early, this is the best time to get any table or tree decorations made so that they will be ready for your festive room. In sewing terms you really have to plan ahead as it can take time to make items.

You may be planning to decorate a room in time for Christmas, making new or festive covers for your cushions could be your next task.

New pages this month

I have been unable to add any new pages since July due to having treatment for a shoulder and elbow injury. This curtails my use of the computer which is why I am putting my website on hold until March 2013.

Coming up next time

My next newsletter will be March 2013. I hope to have done some new pages and added some new pictures.

Enjoy making your cushions.


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