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Cushions Galore, Issue #015-Website update
September 19, 2013

Website Update

Cushions Galore, September 2013-- Website Update

September 18 2013

Hello and welcome to new subscribers in September.

Firstly I would like to apologise for the late arrival of any newsletters in 2013.

The move was more stressful and look longer than anyone imagined, with more building work and decorating needing to be done. Not to mention the work needing done outside. In addition to this a close member of my family passed away and I seemed to lose all my motivation for this website.

It has taken six months to get a bit of the spark back and with it came a new look for Cushions and more. Hope you like it. One of the good things to come out of the move and all this physical work was that my shoulder injury improved. But I definitely do not want to see another paint brush for a long time.

The summer of 2013 has been quite good with lots of hot weather spells just right for picnics and barbecues.

Now that we are approaching Autumn we tend to look at some of the cosy jobs we can do inside like finishing off some patchwork or starting a few things for Christmas.

New pages this month

I have done quite a lot of background work to change pages to a new format provided by my host site called Site Build It from Having over a hundred pages this has proved to been quite time consuming.

I have revamped my cushion shop to make what it is and the navigation a little easier. I have also highlighted some items from Amazon and put them together in a shop to help with cushion making or buying.

Coming up next time

I want to continue to improve on the pictures over the next few months as there are some pages that need a visual input. As the days are getting colder and we feel the wind blowing through out homes I would like to do a page on Draught excluder as these are also a form of cushion.

Enjoy making your cushions.


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Cushions Galore

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