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Cushions Galore, Issue #026-Welcoming Spring 2017
April 04, 2017

Welcoming Spring 2017

Cushions Galore, April 4th 2017

Hello and welcome to new subscribers.

Don't we all just love this time of year when hopefully the sun shines more and warmer than previous months. I love seeing all the trees and flowers beginning to bud and push up through the ground.

This can be a time of the year when decorating comes to mind or changing a few things in your rooms begin to come into your mind. Colours that are "in" for 2017 are dusky blue, Spicy reds and earthy greens. Colours are such a personal choice that the ones which reflect your personality and taste are "in date" for you. After decorating for most of the winter months and trying to avoid going for all the same colour in the rooms I think I have managed it. I put a new colour idea on the wall alas not one of the "in" colours, but a bold choice for me and I think it works well.

I have been watching a programme on television called "The Great Interior Design Challenge" where amateur designers decorate rooms in different style houses with one being the overall winner at the end. Each of us is a designer by choosing how we decorate and style our houses or rooms. Sewing cushions, curtains or quilts can be done in the style we each choose and what I find interesting is how different they all can be. Adding a few strings of bunting indoors or out will also change the effect.

I think this year I will be having a go at re-covering cushions on a rattan settee as the cushion covers are past their best. The back ones move around when you are sitting on the settee so I may attach them to the actual settee back hopefully to avoid them falling off completely.

New pages

I haven't done any new pages since moving but hopefully with the majority of the work behind us now I can begin to add a few new ones.

If there is anything topic you would like me to try and write a page on, please Contact Me

I am also still redesigning pages to make it easier for visitors to navigate my site.

Coming up next time

Haven't quite decided where to go first so any page may turn up.

The saga of my kneeling cushion continues but I now have some ideas for new styles. I still haven't made another one yet but hopefully soon my knees will be happy.

Enjoy starting any new projects or getting some completed.

Warm regards


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