A Lap or Baby Quilt

A baby quilt is a handy size and although now not used at night while sleeping a little quilt can be very handy to carry around to lay the baby on while out and about if the floor isn't too clean or giving extra comfort in the pushchair.

For adults a lap quilt is just ideal whether it is to put over knees while sitting outside watching a concert or fireworks or placing it on the seat if it is made of metal to keep your warmth in. They are great at home or in the car to make you warmer.

This quilt has mini hearts on a white background on both sides but on one side the colours have been picked out with larger hearts and these have been sewn on by appliqué.

The fabric is cotton and the size is 34 inches wide by 43 inches long (86.5cms wide by 109cms long).

Price = £15.00 including p&p

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