Beanbag Cushions Are Cool Too!

by Lily

Dunelm Mill Cushions and Beanbags

Dunelm Mill Cushions and Beanbags

If you’re a regular visitor to this site, you’ll already be aware of the incredible versatility of cushions. These small soft furnishings are always practical, and with a little bit of creative care, can be beautiful. Give them out as gifts and they’re sure to become cherished objects, sitting proudly on the settee of the lucky recipient. Cushions keep us comfortable, we all know that – but they can also become treasured heirlooms, passed on from family member to family member, picking up special memories along the way.
But in an age of televisions and video games, do kids think cushions are cool? If you’re thinking of presenting a young relative with a sewn-and-stuffed gift that you’ve created yourself, then there’s one way to ensure that it will be appreciated – make them a set of beanbag cushions.
Children love lounging around on beanbags, so they’ll adore these crafty creations that combine the best of beanbags and cushions into one soft and cuddly package. Beanbags are filled with polystyrene balls, which mould around your body as you sit down – so there’s none of that annoying adjusting-the-pillow-till-it’s-in-just-the-right-position kerfuffle – and they look great on the floor as well as the settee. Your young relative will love the fact that when he or she throws the beanbag cushion to the corner of their room, it doesn’t matter – they can nestle down with a book or magazine and get comfortable on the carpet, rug or wooden floor.
And the best thing about beanbag cushions? They’re really easy to make. You can choose a set of funky fabrics and make a wacky rainbow creation, or even recreate their favourite cartoon characters in cushion form. All it takes it a little imagination and some basic sewing know how.

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