Choosing Cushion Shapes

Not all cushions are square

The cushion shapes can play an important part of your interior look and have just as much impact as the types of designs that you choose.

Types of Cushion Shapes

When most people think of a cushion they imagine a soft padded cushion made usually in a square.

This doesn't need to be always the case as there are cushions that have a cylindrical shape. These rounded cushions are called bolsters and fit very nicely into the side of a chair or settee. They are a good design for a head-rest cushion for that extra bit of support.

They are great for outdoor furniture, especially if the chair has got a straight back and also great for travelling whether in the car or camping. Another good shape is rectangular as these can be very versatile in their use.

Heart shaped cushions bring out your feminine side and can give a room a romantic feel. These cushions or pillows look very good in the bedroom but are just as at home in the lounge or any other room you choose.  Smaller version are great as a room decoration hanging from door or cupboard handles.

A shape that is very good for giving a different appearance and for a cushioned seat is round cushions. Whether they have a gusset or are a squab cushion.

If your passion is playing cards then why not add cushions in club, diamond and spade shapes.

Living by the seaside? or have an interest in Astronomy? Then why not make some cushions in star shapes.

Whatever shaped cushion you decide to make you can put the filling straight into the cushion and then sew the seams together. This is ideal if the cushion is for decoration only and will not get a lot of day to day wear. The whole cushion will then need to be washed or cleaned.

If you would like to have a cushion with a removable cover then the cushion pad will need to be made in the same shape.

As you can see the designs of cushions are not the only way to personalise your room in making it yours. Shapes can enhance your individuality as well.

Making bunting to hang in your room can also give a different shape to your surroundings.

Enjoy creating your own style..

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