Decorative Fabrics
for Cushions and Curtains

A wealth of inspiration to create a look that is yours.

The choice of decorative fabrics is endless,from the natural cottons and linens to the man-made polyester and rayon. 

Then there are variations on these with faux fur, velvets and satins, Have some different textures in your room with denim, velvet, silk, wool, or corduroy. These will add a new twist in creating the look you are aiming for.

Let your imagination go free with the wide variety on offer. There are plains, plaids, light or heavy weave, stripes, animal or floral prints. The choice is vast to help you create the look and style you want.

Create the feel you want for your room whether you enhance the period of your house be it Modern or from the Edwardian, Georgian, Tudor or Victorian times with some tapestry material.

Bring back the look from one of the decades 1930's, 50's, 70's or now...with a modern version of a vintage look.

Laura Ashley had an abundant of material back in the 1980's and still have a really lovely collection of things for the home like cushions, curtains and throws.

... or walk into your room and feel like you are in a cosy cottage in the country, a Moroccan lounge or a Bedouin kitchen by using some chintz or geometric style.

Deciding on the right decorative fabrics.

Whatever you choose there may be a few questions to answer to help your decisions:

  1. Which room is it for? - Usually a lighter, brighter material is used in the bedroom, children rooms, bathrooms or kitchens. The heavier ones tend to be used in the downstairs rooms. They can also be used the other way round depending on the look and feel you want.

  2. Should it be washable? - The answer is yes if the cushions are used in an area where they are likely to become soiled as in the breakfast area of the kitchen. Also if they will be used by children, pets or any area where they will have general to heavy usage.

  3. Should it be hard wearing - Again yes is the answer for room that get a lot of use as a medium to heavier weight will not wear out as quickly. However a bright cotton or delicate silk cushion can add a touch of elegance.

Many outlets offer a selection of different, colours, patterns and textured material such as Laura Ashley and The Range.

Fabric is there to be used in any way you want it to be used. Have fun experimenting with the different textures and weights until you have the look you are trying to get.

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