Knitting For Sale

Hand knitting for sale for those who need something quickly and like the thought of a handmade gift or for those who like the effect but have never mastered the art.

Some have been made as result of making this site but most are made just because I really enjoy this wonderful craft. Each item is given the same care as if I was making it for myself.

At the moment only baby knits are available and there is only one of each item.

All the cardigans are £5.00 and all the Bootees and the Mittens are £2.50. If the price is different then it will be shown near the item.

Unfortunately knitted items are bulky so there is  £3.00 postage and packaging to pay for cardigans and sets and £1.75 for bootees and mittens as single items.  for as a second class small package rate for mainland UK. I will try to combine postage if more then one item is purchased.

If you live outside the UK please contact me for postage.

If you are not happy with your purchase I do accept returns within 14 days, with the buyer paying the cost of the return postage. The item must be in the same condition as purchased and in original packaging. Although mistakes can happen I check all items thoroughly before placing it on my site for sale.

Baby Cardigans
Baby Bootees
Brown Baby Mittens

Knitting for Sale - Baby Cardigans


This baby cardigan is a plain stocking stitch first size approx 16 inch (41cm) chest.

Length of sleeve from underarm to cuff and body from underarm to waist is 4.5 inches (12cm).

The border at cuff buttonhole band and edge of cardigan is a moss stitch.

Wool used is a acrylic double knit in white with three white buttons for fastening.

Lacy Edged

This Cardigan has a lace chevron pattern on both fronts with the remainder being a plain stocking stitch round neck with a rib stitch edging.

The wool used is a double knit in white and three buttons for fastening.

Size is approx first size 16 inches (41cm) and length of sleeve and body from underarm is 4.5 inches (12cm).

Lace knit detail

This cardigan is knitted in stocking stitch round neck with a lace knit detail on the two fronts and rib stitch edging. There are 6 cream buttons for fastening.

Made from 4 ply in a beige colour. Size is first size 16 inch (41cm) with the sleeve length from underarm to cuff 5 inches (13cm) and body from underarm to rib 4 inches (11cm).

Lacy detail

This is not one I have made but it is a lovely soft wool with shades of blue throughout.

Size is first size approx 16 inches (41cm) with sleeve and body length being 3 inches (8cm) and three blue buttons for fastening. Knitted in stocking stitch with a V neck and patterns at arm edge and above rib stitch border. 

Pattern detail

Knitting for Sale - Baby Bootees

Baby Bootees come in all shapes and sizes from the traditional bootee to little shoes.

White shoe type with button around ankle. Length of shoe sole from heel to toe is 3.5 inches (9cm)
Pink bootees that look like socks and shoes with button placed for effect and not used. Length of shoe sole is 4 inches (11cm)
Yellow bootees with a yellow stripe at the top of the sock look like socks and shoes with button placed for effect and not used. Length of shoe sole is 4 inches (11cm).
Brown bootees that look like socks and shoes with button placed for effect and not used. Length of shoe sole is 4 inches (11cm)
These first size green bootees have a rib edge around the sole and the rib cuff turned down to grip the ankle. The length of the sole from heel to toe is 3.5 inches (9cm)
Brown rib cuff bootee similar to the green pair. Same wool as brown cardigan.
These yellow bootees look like socks and shoes with button placed for effect and not used. Although similar to the other yellow pair there is no stripe at the top. Length of shoe sole is 4 inches (11cm)

Knitting for Sale - Baby Mittens

Baby mittens made from same wool as brown cardigan and rib cuff bootees. Length of mitten from tip to cuff is 5 inches (13cm).

Knitted Sets

This first sized (0-6months) set comprises of a straw coloured or pale yellow hat, cardigan, mittens and bootees.

The pattern on the hat rim, the cuffs and lower edges of the cardigan and mittens are in a moss stitch pattern. The front of the cardigan is a chevron lace pattern and the bootees have a rib cuff. The mittens are tied with a white nylon ribbon.

Made with double knit acrylic wool.

Price £11.00 including postage and packaging.

Close up of pattern

Blue bootees and mittens both have white nylon ribbon ties. Made from acrylic wool in a double knit.

Price £5.75 including postage and packaging.

Thank you for looking through my knitting for sale page.

If you have any query regarding the colours etc then please contact me.

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