Picture Cushions

share your interest or passion

Picture cushions can share your interest or passion with others by having these in your rooms.

Quillows are usually made using picture fronts as these can then be quilted to make parts of the picture stand out and almost appear 3D.

Whether your interest is on the wild side or domesticated, there are lots of different types of picture fronts with interests such as animals (wild and domesticated), transport, flowers, fairies, birds, sea life and many more.

In case you feel that these could overwhelm a room then there could be one main picture interest and then that could be made into a quillow with other plain cushions made using colours or patterns to match the theme.

What could make you feel more cozy than to cuddle up, in front of the telly or just to read a book on the settee, wrapped in your favourite animal etc..

There are special picture interest for children as well,

These quillows can be used as part of the bed or bath time routine to help them calm down after a busy day or for them to enjoy a bedtime story before bed.

Also if they are not feeling well then these could be used as a comfort blanket on the settee.

As these fold up and are easily portable then what could be better when getting your child used to sleeping in a different room or house than his/her own comforting cushion/quilt.

These quillow cushions are really good for college/university students who sometimes need an extra layer for warmth or to give to a friend staying over. They may also like the reassurance of a familiar cushion when they first leave home.

In fact these are extremely versitile for all the family as if any elderly members have to move into a residential home then these can give a welcoming individual touch. These could also remind them of a devoted pet they once had or maybe had to leave behind.

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