Choosing cushions that are right for you.

Cushions Galore, July 2011 -- Choices to make.

July 1st 2011

Hello and welcome to new subcribers in July.

Previously I gave you a quick insight into some of the different steps you think about before you make cushions for example:

Fabrics - Does it need to be hard wearing or could a finer fabric be used. The choice between cotton, linen, wool or silk based material. Is the cushion going to be washed often? This would depend the type of use it will have. Kitchen cushions will possible have more to cope with than those in the lounge or bedroom. Are different textures wanted? Fabrics such as Corduroy, Velvet and Satin are just some types. There are such a lot of different types of fabric available from bright bold prints to the more subtle tones. Summer is the time to bring out the brighter more outdoor colours and prints.

Design - A simple, basic look or a frilly creation? Those with an added side section like the boxed edge cushion or an illusion of size with an added border? All this depends of where the cushion is to be placed either on a seat or as a seat. Is it to decorate your bed?

There is still another choice you need to make and that is the shape. A cushion does not need to be square and you can have all different ones for added interest. Bolsters are elongated cushions but you can have round, triangular, star shaped in fact any that gives you the look to are trying to give. Just make the pattern and you are off.

New Pages this month

Well I have been busy this month but not with adding new pages. I have been taking pictures and doing a lot of sewing to get some new pages ready for August.

I have updated some pictures to pages that didn't have any such as in my boxed edge design, showing the different stages in making tie fastenings, steps to make a mock piped edge and steps to attaching a frill to a simple cushion.

Books and more is a shop I have put on my site from Amazon. When writing about sewing cushions I thought that this page may help with finding items or guides. There are ready made cushion pads available if you feel you do not want to make those as well as the cushion cover. But if you are going to make a different shape from the usual round, square or bolster shapes then you will need to make the inside as well.

I have added some vintage material and updated the ribbon section with some printed ribbons.

Coming up next time

More outdoor cushions for the summer and a different shape to think about.

Meanwhile enjoy sewing and designing your cushions.


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