Christmas Cushions for the Festive Season

Cushions Galore, December 2011 -- Christmas Cushions

December 5th 2011

Hello and welcome to new subscribers in December.

In previous issues I have discussed all the different steps needed to be considered when making cushions.

The festive season is a great start to put all these steps into practise.

This is a lovely time to make decorations for your room whether it is a few tree decorations, a wall hanging or some festive cushions for your settee.

These cushions could be made in Christmas colours, or show an applique Christmas motif such as a snowflake, snowman, Christmas tree or make them into cushion presents with a few well placed ribbons.

On my Christmas page there is a cushion that I made into a Christmas pudding.

These are bound to cause a laugh or two. The range of ideas is quite vast if you think about it.

New pages this month

I have not done many pages this month due to getting myself prepared for my first craft fair. I make various items when I am writing pages for my website, this is mainly so I can take pictures of the different sewing stages to share with everyone.

I thought I would try to sell these and because the fair was over two days I had to spend a bit of time sewing extra items to sell just in case I ran out.

The fair wasn't advertised well so not many people came to visit all the stall holders. I was quite pleased with what I sold as it covered the full range of items I had for sale.

After this was over I decided to put these extra items onto my shop page. Such as Cushion panels which has ended up in being a lot of extra pages to try to make searching easier.

Coming up next time

My next newsletter will be sent out on February 1st 2012. I hope to have done some pages of making cushions out of fabric pieces.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

Enjoy sewing and designing your festive cushions.


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