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Cushions Galore, Issue #018-Stepping into Summer
June 01, 2014

Stepping into Summer

Cushions Galore, June 1st 2014

Hello and welcome to new subscribers

Spring was a strange time with again more rain but good days sprinkled throughout. I really look forward to being able to sit outside on a warm evening and carrying on with planting things and watching them grow. Which reminds me that I need to make a new kneeling pad.

Families and friends getting together are one of the best must dos in summer whether it is a picnic in the park or a barbecue on the patio. Get out your bunting, picnic mats and cushion seats to help everyone relax.

Summer can be a time for moving house and that in itself bring a lot of extra work but also fun trying to make up your mind what colour scheme to have and to make cushions and possibly curtains to bring it all together.

It is also a time for holidays, whether it is a Caribbean cruise, Butlins break, camping in the forest or sitting in the sun. To help you relax and soak up the rays small cross stitch sewing or patchwork could also be done.

Summer always seems the most popular time for weddings, with the hope that the weather will be kind.

My site has been accepted on an affiliate scheme and I have got links to Hobbycraft, Laura Ashley, The Range, Magazine subscriptions and You Garden. These are all sites that I feel will bring an enhanced experience to visitors, as they may be able to buy items to help with the sewing or craft work but may not have a branch near them.

Whatever activities you find yourselves doing I hope you have a great time.

New pages

There have been a few new pages since the last newsletter.

I thought of another topic that goes with cushions and have done a page on sewing curtains.

My page on appliqué needed some extra pages and I published a page on How to Appliqué.

While thinking about holidays and cushions, I decided that my page on camping and caravans,was just right.

A page on kitchen chair cushions gave a way to add a softer seat to an otherwise hard chair.

There are still a few pages that have been published without pictures and work is still on hand to rectify this. The round cushion page was enhanced with some pictures.

I have also been doing a lot of background work making sure the pages are what Google likes and that takes time.

Coming up next time

I want to continue to improve on the pictures over the next few months and will try to enhance the page for bordered cushions and animal cushions.

Some pages still need more substance to them such as my appliqué page as although I have done a page on how to appliqué, I would like to expand this with a page on machine appliqué.

That is what I start out deciding what to do but could go off in another direction entirely.

Enjoy making your cushions.


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