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Cushions Galore, Issue #027 Autumn 2017
October 29, 2017

Autumn 2017

Cushions Galore, October 29th 2017

Hello and welcome to new subscribers.

The colours of Autumn are coming out and with the change of the clocks this morning, the evenings will be drawing in. I just love all the different seasons for their different reasons. With darker, colder evenings and nights comes lots of different celebrations that brings wonderful lights and fireworks.

Autumn is a time when I look for cosy handicrafts to finish off, learn or try and start. I have got the knitting bug at the moment and have just finished my fourth jumper in the same pattern but different sizes, colours and for different people. The pattern uses two different colours but on each row only one colour was used by slipping some stitches.

I have also seen some lovely things to try and make but in crochet which I have never tried, so think that will be my next learning curve.

This is also the time to think about "Christmas" (I know it is early), but if you intend to make things for your table, tree or decorations then it needs to be started.

I have been very busy on a personal front trying to gain control over a much overgrown garden and some days I think I am winning and on others can actually see I am winning.

The saga of my kneeling mat alas continues as I have not made a new one and am resorting to an outside chair cushion placed inside a plastic bag. Maybe I should put off learning crochet and sew a kneeling mat over the winter instead.

There has been a lot of work in the background of my site from my host SBI, with all of their sites now being secure (the little padlock can be seen). My site passed the test as well.

I have also changed the look of my site and hope it the colour appeal to others.

I have also put a call out box for letting you know some offers from my affiliate partners I think could be of interest, especially at this time of year. All the affiliate partners are on my shopping page.

New pages

I have done quite a few new pages and I am trying to make navigation easier.

I have done a Patchwork Blocks page where you can access some different patchwork block patterns.

My knitting phase has brought out a page on knitting squares and a general one about knitting for babies .

I have had fun making some quilts over the summer which has resulted in new pages about

Patchwork Quilts and the other about a Memory Quilt picture Both of these were made using recycling Children's clothes and has resulted in a front page about homemade quilts where they can be accessed to and from.

Having moved last year and enjoyed making curtains for most of the windows has brought me to writing a page on how to make curtains.

My site needed a front page where I could put different ways of making decorative cushions such as cross stitch, appliqué etc.

As we are leading up to Christmas I have done a page on Christmas crafts briefly describing things that can be made. On each topic I have included some items from Amazon to help with crafting or a different item. Amazon has so many pages it is nice to have a few things pointed out for you.

If you would like me to cover a certain topic or have any questions please Contact Me

Coming up next time

Possibly writing a page on making pet beds which will be cushions for wicker and plastic beds. I may try to do one just out of a cushion.

Another one could be trying a make a rocking chair cushion set. There may be a couple more but haven't thought about them just yet.

Enjoy starting any new projects or getting some completed.

Warm regards


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