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Cushions Galore, Issue #034 Autumn 2020
September 03, 2020

Autumn 2020

Cushions Galore, September 3rd 2020


September already!!!!

Where has this year gone? For many of us we have been in lockdown one way or another. Hope all of you have taken care and stayed safe as the lockdown eases albeit very slowly. I for one have not been venturing out much and have just started going into a restaurant at really quiet times. I truly hope that by Christmas all the family can get together inside, although a BBQ in winter may be fun!!!

I have been bringing myself up to date (with the help of my daughter in law) and I am now on Instagram called forcushionsandmore and also have a small Etsy shop that I have been busy making things for.

Before face masks came compulsory to wear while in shops and other confined spaces I had made some to wear but they all seemed very big. I adapted some patterns and got a fitting one that felt really comfortable and the size seemed to fit most of the members of my family both men and women. I then made a few of these to sell on my website and Etsy shop.

They are fastened with elastic over the ears, the elastic is in a channel so it can be removed for washing or replaced when worn or a tie fastening can be added instead. Tie fastenings can be better especially if there is a lot behind the ears already ie glasses or hearing aids. There are 3 layers of fabric over the nose and mouth region the third layer being a filter pocket if wanted.

I am working on some pleated face masks that have the filter pocket and removable elastic and nose wire.

The bunting for my daughters wedding has taken a back seat as I have been making other bunting to sell, since adding some to my conservatory to celebrate my mothers 90th “lockdown” birthday. It has really lifted the look of the room without the flags being too big to spoil the view of the garden so I have decided to keep it in place and change to a Christmas theme later in the year.

While sorting out my cupboards I found some small bits of fabric that I am going to cut into hexagon shapes ready to sew a patchwork cushion cover. Many years ago I had a wooden rocking chair and made covers for the back cushion and seat cushion using hexagon shapes of various shades of brown and cream. It lasted for years.

As the next few months are uncertain and there is all this talk of a second spike with the coronavirus, this may be a good time to think of things to do craft wise. Like patchwork, fabric picture, knitting or Crochet. It is always good to prepare for the darker nights when crafting comes into its own by giving a creative outlet with great end results.

If you have never sewn an item of clothing then that could be something to try.

Autumn is a lovely time of year with changing leaf colours, crisp mornings and cooler temperatures but alas it is also getting nearer to Christmas!!! If you want to make things for your house, yourself or to give then it is best to give yourself plenty of time so that there is no rush at the end.

Those in the Southern Hemisphere are heading into Spring but happily all these crafts are good to do in every season.

I know I joked at the beginning about a BBQ in winter but if you are sitting outside more then why not try your hand at making Quillows This is a quilt in a cushion so the quilt storage is already taken care of inside. This will keep you lovely and warm.

One of mine that I have had for years decided to fall to bits so I am deciding on what type of cushion front I could try as the inner quilt is all fungi.

I would also like to try an make a puff quilt as that can be an alternative to a throw or quillow when sitting in the evenings.

New Pages

I have made a couple of new pages with the current pandemic in mind. For those who would like to try making their own face masks in a couple of ways. How to Make facemasks

Also a page of some face masks that I have made. Buy facemasks

I also have some small pieces of Liberty print fabric that I will make into face masks. Liberty Print facemasks

If there is anything topic you would like to see cover then please Contact Me

Coming up next time

I have started expanding the crochet and sewing sections but the pages are not quite finished yet.

Keep well, stay safe and take care.

Warm regards


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