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Cushions Galore, Issue #030 Christmas 2018
December 24, 2018

Christmas 2018

Cushions Galore, December 24th 2018

Merry Christmas Everyone

I would just like to take this opportunity to wish all that celebrate Christmas a lovely, wonderful and peaceful time. Hope that you all have a happy and healthy 2019.

Can I also apologise for the lack of newsletters in 2018. My private life has been a little bit hectic helping my elderly mother move, I am hoping 2019 is a little bit calmer and I can look forward to publishing more website pages at leisure.

Despite that I have been working on my site by improving some of the first pages I published about 8 years ago. Things behind the scenes change and everything improves with time so the older pages had to be brought up to date. The people behind the scenes have been working hard on updating the privacy policy in line with GDPR.

I am expanding on the topic of "Sewing" into my site. I thought that if someone wanted to make cushions they would how to know how to sew first and have done and still have to add to pages about the sewing machine. When you think about this invention it has really turned the industry around making the sewing task much easier than it was in the earlier days and giving people such a variety of clothes than they had before.

The weather in 2018 was very strange but it gave us in the UK a lovely but extremely hot summer. I found some old clean pillows and made a double cover so these could be used as outside seats which in a round about way has given me my new kneeling cushions as well.

This is a great time of year to bring some the warm Christmas colours into your rooms with lovely holly, ivy and poinsettia. The warm jewel colours are so welcoming at this time of year. There are plenty of craft ideas for the house and table to make everything look festive.

Making stockings to hang for decoration, as an advent calendar or for your children to put out on Christmas Eve is always a delight.

New pages

I have done quite a few new pages including ones sewing storage This was to give ideas in how to organise a sewing craft shelf, cupboard or room with the different storages items available.

I have also done a page about sewing scissors This is about the various types of scissors that are available.

Also giving some help to when to use the different types of sewing machine feet and when to use them.

For the knitters I have include a page about how to read knitting patterns as for the novice a knitting pattern with the the abbreviations and numbers can look daunting. I have just taken a row of a lacy and cable pattern and broken in down in step by step stages.

I have also had fun in making a couple "You Tube" videos as well.

On the different types of fabric a page about velvet fabrics was also included and one about making rocking chair cushions showing some of the different ways to do this. I will expand on this as well.

If there is anything topic you would like to see cover then please Contact Me

Coming up next time

I hope to complete a page on sewing machine parts and one on cable knitting.

Again Merry Christmas

Warm regards


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