Rocking Chair Cushions

These chairs, great as they are, will benefit from some rocking chair cushions.  A little added comfort on the back and the seat will make sitting in this type of chair more comfortable.

What type and style is a very personal choice some prefer the wooden back that could be used to massage an ache while others prefer a softer choice. 

I had a rocking chair years ago and made a half padded back by covering a square of foam then tied it where the top frame dips using tie fasteners. No matter what type is decided upon it will be best to tie them in place with some sort of fastenings be it ribbon or a fabric strip with either velcro or press studs to hold it in place. 

Choosing the design of rocking chair cushions

Two Square Cushions
Two 12 inch (30 cm) Foam Blocks
One Square and One Round Cushion
One Square and Two Foam Blocks

For ease the paddings shown here are ones that can be easily bought. Making your own will allow the cushion to fit the chair better. To do this make a pattern of the back to make the casing and then put the padding inside.

For me the best fit is the pillow and square cushion.

One Pillow and One Square Cushion

Making the rocking chair cushions using the best fit as above.

After deciding the design and style of the cushion, it is really now just making the covering. 

Many craft skills can be done for these cushions such as Patchwork, Cross Stitch, Quilting or Appliqué to make them individual and this work would have to be done first.

These can be made with many of the different types of fastenings so the cover can be removed for washing, this may be a good option if the chair is in the nursery, or the cover can be slip stitched closed after making the cover but that would mean the whole cushion would need to be washed when the time came to do so.

Measure the cushion pad to determine the size needed for the cover. A pattern can be made if this is easier for you or using a straight rule the size can be marked out on the fabric. 

If marking out on the fabric make sure the horizontal (weft) and vertical (warp) threads of the fabric are straight or the material may stretch. 

Cut out 2 pieces of the fabric one for the front and one for the back panel.

Lay one piece of fabric right side up and mark where the cushion fastening will be sewn.

If using tie fastenings to hold these to the chair frame these will have to be made first and then one of the ends included in the seam allowance to hold in place with the other end flat on the fabric. This is also the case if using a ribbon.

The fastening whether you are inserting a zip or a wider type of fastening like hook and loop fastening or inserting a press stud strip can be done at this stage.

Place second piece of fabric right side on top of the first piece. Sew the seams leaving a gap to sew in the fastening or sew the fastening into the cover first and then sew the seams. Press then turn right side out.

Insert the cushion pad and attach to the chair.

Lovely fabrics can be bought from shopping outlets both off and on line such as Terrys Fabrics.

I appreciate that not everyone would like to make the cushions so to give an option I will give an Amazon link to help with your decision.

Enjoy getting your rocking chair cushions.

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