Cushions have jobs?

Cushions Galore, June 2011 -- Jobs for cushions?

June 3rd 2011

Hello and welcome to new subcribers in June.

In my last newsletter I gave you a quick insight into the beginnings of my website and how cushion making is divided up into some of the different steps you think about before you make them. Having done the Design, Fabric, Fillings and Fastenings. I started to think about some of the other aspects of cushions.

It all began, as I said previously, with me making quillows and although these are cushions, they have an alternative use or .....Job. They turn out into a single sized quilt that will provide extra warmth while watching television, camping or in the car. They can also give a reassurance when youngsters are away from home by having something familiar with them.

That got me thinking to other cushions and their "jobs". Apart from the main one of making the seating and us comfortable.

Sewing Jobs
Pin Cushions are used to help hold pins while sewing.

Special Jobs
Wedding cushions, the one that comes to mind is the ring bearer cushion, holding the most precious items at this ceremony.
Tooth Fairy cushions. These special cushions for putting lost teeth into. These can then be place at the side of the bed so there is no fumbling under the pillow and possible waking your child up.

New Pages this month

Carrying on with the cushions with jobs theme I have done a page on garden cushions and in particular a Kneeling cushions. These give a lot of comfort while weeding the borders and can also be used when doing other household jobs as well.

Coming up next time

More aspects of sewing cushions and why I think not all cushions are just cushions.

Meanwhile enjoy making your cushions


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