Tooth Fairy Cushions

Remember the tooth fairy and the excitement of possibly seeing one or the thrill of losing your first tooth.

The excitement lasts to the next morning with the idea that a little being was going to visit you that night to take away your fallen tooth and replace it with money.

Then realising the magic of how such a little being could possible lift up the pillow and actually find the tooth without waking you up.

This tradition is still going strong and is thought to have begun in western cultures in the late 1800's.

In countries such as Spain, Italy and France the fairy element is replaced with a little mouse. In lowland Scotland a different story of this is based on a white fairy rat who buys the teeth with coins.

In Asia and Japan the tooth is either thrown straight up in the air or down to the ground depending on the jaw it came out of. This would then make sure that the new tooth would grow straight.

Whatever beliefs you have it is certainly a big life event for the children. They are all so proud to show off the gaps where their teeth should have been.

Handy Pouches for the Tooth Fairy

A little pillow will take away any worry a child may have with the thought of either being woken up by the little being or the fact that it may not find the tooth at all.

It is a little cushion or pillow that has a small pocket which will make a safe place for the fallen treasure. A definite place where it will be found and away from the sleeping person.

This is a bonus for everyone as the little fairy can find the fallen treasure, the person it came out of can have a peaceful nights sleep without any additional worry and the coin reward will not get lost either.

These can be little cushions or pillows that have a little pocket on the front and there are lovely fabrics that can be used. The pocket could be shaped as a star or any other shape.

There are a lot of outlets that sell really lovely designs such as Minerva crafts.

These can be made as little bags as well that hang near the bed. A little carrying case is much better than having to fumble under the pillow to find something so small and risk waking the sleeping child up.

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