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Cushions Galore, November 2011 -- Beautiful Cushions

November 1st 2011

Hello and welcome to new subscribers in November.

In previous issues I have discussed that a cushion is not really what it seems when you break down all the different steps needed to be considered when making them.

Now you have got your size, shape and pattern. The material has been decided upon and the sewing instructions completed.

Your cushion is now finished... or is it?

Scatter cushion can be quite plain to tone down a multi print suite, or they can enhance a colour that is barely visible in the suite fabric.

Two toned frills can be used in plain material to pick out other colours but if you don't want plain cushions then these can be decorated or embellished with sequins, Buttoning or beading.

Little areas could be picked out to draw the eye if the material is patterned or a whole picture could be made.

Braid could be added around the edge and tassels added to the corners if wanted.

New pages this month

I think I have made up for not doing much in September as this month has seen a few pages added.

I have done a section about Christmas as there are lots of cushioned items for this season from little tree decorations to padded stockings for Santa to fill.

A new page has been added showing smaller quillows. These could be really handy to use with babies as a mat to lie on or a cushioned support. They could be useful when going to outdoor arenas to give extra warmth or a cover for a wheelchair user. They can be easily place inside a bag when the extra layer is not needed or just used as a small cushion.

A shop has been added to buy cushions that I have already made and an ordering page added so you can make choices to have bespoke cushions made for you.

Sometimes when cushions are made other items just seem to spring to mind that will just set the atmosphere. The page on bunting and how to make some came when I was making an outdoor picnic set.

Coming up next time

December is really quite a busy month getting the finishing touches done for Christmas and the festive table. I hope to do some more pages with extra items for this holiday.

Meanwhile enjoy sewing and designing your cushions.


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