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Sequins come in a large range of colours, shapes and sizes to let you loose with your imagination.

A cushion cover can either have a few to highlight an area such as a centre point of a star or flower. They can also be used to give a picture such as the outline of an animal, plant or just to give an abstract glittery effect. These could be put on an elaborated or simple design.

A cushion cover that has this type of decoration would be best suited for an area with light use and not for a cushion that will get a lot of hard wear. It is best not to put small decorations on children's cushions as these may be removed and could be chocked upon.

These glittery products can be bought in craft and sewing shops and come as individual pieces in packets, pre-strung on a strip or band and as ready made appliqué motifs.

Sewing by hand is recommended for attaching these embellishments. The thread used can either be matching or transparent so not to be seen when stitch over the pieces.

Pins can sometimes bend the pieces out of shape so if this happens then a glue stick can be used to hold it where it has to be sewn.

Tips for sewing sequins

  • Individual
    To sew individual ones onto the fabric a back stitch is used from the hole to the edge usually done 2 or 3 times to make sure it is secure.
  • Strips
    If it is bought in a strip then it should be sew almost the same as individual ones but probably only once from the hole to the edge as then you would attach the next one to the first by another stitch.
  • Wider Bands
    If you wanted a larger area then these are supplied on wider bands. Before these bands are attached you will need to cut it to the required length. Tape should be put over the cutting area and then cut in the middle of the tape to make sure that you do not lose any bits.
  • Applique Motifs
    These come already for sewing onto the item and just have to be slip stitched in place with a matching thread.

    Have fun making up your design whether you add just a few or maybe too many.

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