Embellish with Beads

Another finishing touch

Beads can embellish cushion covers or other items by either randomly placed on the fabric, sewn in a pattern or used to highlight an area on the material.

Different types can be added to reinforce the cushion theme for example wooden ones to highlight a nature theme on a cushion such as a forest or sea shore. Bling can be added with a few one that sparkle or shimmer.  There are many different shapes and sizes that can be used a a type of fastening as well if it is large enough.

These sometimes have been used as a hallmark of individual designers or design houses with a special logo, number or letters to represent their product.

These are usually sewn on the cushion by hand and must be secured well to make sure they do not come off.  Wedding ring cushions can have this decoration hanging down at the corners to add a design flair.

You can also make your own by using craft modelling clay making the cushion totally your own.

There are many shopping outlets that supply different beads such as Minerva Crafts. These also will have any additional items such as sewing needles, sewing threads and possibly string as well.

Attaching the Beads individually

You will need to use a fine needle to enable this to pass through the holes with invisible or thread to match the fabric.

Fasten the thread to the fabric with a knot. Place decoration on the right side of the fabric, take the needle through the hole and back into the fabric twice then sew a couple of back stitches to secure the first one in place.

Continue to go through the holes of each one and back into the fabric making sure it is sewn securely in place.

Finish off the thread at the end with a few back stitches.

Making them into a string for attaching.

Thread all of the decorations onto a string. Secure the thread onto the material at the beginning.

Using another needle sew overcasting stitches over the thread that lies in between.

Secure the thread at the end with some backstitching.

Pictures can be sewn onto the covers with this type of embellishing, it will also add the 3D effect but you will have to secure them well if the cushion is to be well used.

There are lots of shapes and sizes so have fun experimenting.

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