In the Beginning

Cushions Galore, May 2011 -- Is a cushion just a cushion?

May 3rd 2011

Hello and welcome to my first newsletter

I just want to give you a quick insight into how cushions and more began....and is now one year old.

Developing this website has been a steep learning curve for me. At the start I thought a cushion was just a cushion something to make yourself comfortable while watching the television.

How can you make a website on cushions do I hear you ask? After enrolling on a college course to learn just that I asked myself the same question.

It all began with me making Quillows and wanting to expand on this.

I didn't realise I would have to give a breakdown of the composition of a cushion so that I could begin.

That is when I began to really analyse the start of sewing cushions.

It begins with knowing the Design of the cushion when this is decided then this may lead you into thinking about the type of fabric you would like to use.

The next stage would be to decide on the kind of filling that would suit your cushion. Then finally choosing the type of fastening.

These 28 pages gave me the start of my website, I now have 71 pages and there is still more to come.

New Ideas

I have set up some ways on contacting me with questions, uploading your own pictures or just making a comment on what you would like to see included.

This gave rise to the Sewing by hand section. This was an aspect of sewing cushions I had not thought about but a question came through to me and gave me the nudge to go in a different direction.

Coming up next time

More aspects of sewing cushions and why I think not all cushions are just cushions.

Meanwhile enjoy making your cushions


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