Cushion Designs

The many different cushion designs or styles can be used to create different looks, atmospheres, or moods to your room or house.

You can bring an era that you love into your home by changing cushions and other furnishing to those of that day. Relive the nostalgic 60's or 70's with a vintage print or add texture with some knitted ones.

These designs can be used for the actual cushion itself or if you want to change the look of a basic cushion then all that is needed is to change the cushion cover.

What are Cushions?

When talking about cushions, many people interpret the word in lots of different ways. 

Types of Cushion Designs and Ideas

Using a frilled design with flowery material can change a room to a cosy cottage feel. Plain or patterned frilled cushions will give a feminine look and are good for the bedroom.

A classic cushion style will give a minimalistic, crisp or can compliment a masculine look. These can be with or without a piped edge.

Bolsters or rectangular cushions are great for placing in narrow parts of the chair, settee or outside furniture. These tend to be smaller than other cushions so are really good for travelling either in a car or for camping.

Another good cushion for camping and using in a caravan are quillows as inside the cushion is an extra quilt for when the night temperatures can fall.

There are some cushions that have the look of being bigger than they actually are as with frilled or cushions with a border.

A variety of patterns and sizes can be used to allow a lot of comfort either on the settee, sofa, or floor. The ultimate for some could be a large floor cushion.

Another good cushion design is the beanbag. These are placed on the floor and depending on their size can be sat on top of, sunk into or lounged upon. This will depend on how compact the bead filling is.

The beauty of having polystyrene bead filling you are able to wriggle about and adjust the thickness of these if there is room to do so in order to get comfortable.

Traditional hard wooden chairs or plastic garden chairs can have extra added comfort by using squab cushions.

Some cushions are made to be seat bases, for armchairs and settees, as with designs like the boxed shape cushion. These usually have a piped edge to make them stronger.

The scope is endless. One room could have a different look and feel each month.... week

... all you need is your imagination!

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