Beginning Sewing your Cushions

Cushions Galore, August 2011 -- Getting ready to start.

August 1st 2011

Hello and welcome to new subcribers in August.

This month I have been re-structuring my site.

Getting started to sew your cushions means being able to find the pattern and instructions to help.

Patterns are where the cushion begins, these can be bought from shops but have a go and make them yourself. This will need to be done if a cushion is a different shape or size to conventional ones.

Once you have the pattern and have remembered to add the seam allowance then you need instructions. If you forget to add the seam allowance then all that will happen is that the final cushion will be a little smaller than you had planned.

Sometimes instructions I had given for different cushion designs were place on different pages either on the actual design page itself or in another section of my site.

I am planning to get the basic sewing instructions for different designs of cushions under one heading that you can navigate on the side bar. The navigation button is called "Sewing Steps".

Some of my pages where getting too long when I added a "Making this Cushion" section so I hope this will make finding them easier.

New Pages this month

Under the navigation button named Sewing Steps, I have made a Sewing Instructions page. This is where I will put instructions to different designs of cushions.

This page then gave rise to more pages in making the cushions such as putting a Frill on a cushion, or adding a gusset or a welt to a simple cushion to turn it into a boxed edge cushion.

Tired of Square cushions then have a look at my round and heart shaped cushions.

These pages gave rise to explaining how to get a round or a heart pattern as these can be difficult and put many off from trying to make these shapes.

Coming up next time

Last month I thought I would be doing a different outdoor cushion but revamping my site has taken a bit longer than I thought so I hope to get this done for September.

Meanwhile enjoy sewing and designing your cushions.


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