Making a Pattern for
Round Cushions

Round cushions need a round pattern as a template. When making different patterns for alternative shaped cushions, where to start can feel a little daunting.

Mention the word circle and a lot of people shout " I can't possibly draw a proper circle."

Getting a circle is not as difficult as you may think and here are a few household items to help to do this.

Don't worry there are many ways to get your circle onto paper. The easiest by far is if you already have a circle shape in the size you want your cushion that you can draw around, this could be a mat, plate, saucepan or wok lid, a box etc...

Making the pattern for round cushions

Getting Started

The most important part of this pattern is getting the round shape even. If you are not confident in your drawing then you can always trace around something found in the home, as I have done in the following pictures.

Start by getting some paper that is bigger than the size of the round pattern needed. This could be done directly onto the fabric but putting the drawing onto a piece of paper and then cutting it out means it can be kept for future needs.

The paper can be A4 plain paper, baking parchment, scraps of wallpaper, newspaper, tracing paper or bought dressmakers or pattern paper.

If you are making more than one, the circles would be the same size for continuity.

To recap before starting

  1. get the object or objects that will make the shape
  2. make sure the paper is the correct size or a little larger
  3. find a sharp pencil to trace around the objects
  4. find some sharp scissors for general use and not sewing scissors to cut the finished shape out.

Below are links to round shapes from Amazon.

Drawing the shape by tracing.

Making a Round pattern with bin lids

Water butt or dustbin lids

These could be the perfect size for your project.

Make sure they are washed and dried before they are used.

Round pattern with pots

Large plane pots

These come in many different sizes and could suit the size of what you are making.

Round pattern with objects

Household items

These are probably the best in getting the right size of circle. These objects are in many households.

Drawing freehand turning a square into a circle.

Get a large square from a piece of paper.

I used some brown paper that is used to send parcels as this comes on a roll.

brown paper square

Fold the square twice so the bottom right hand side corner has two folds.

This is the corner where the string will be held. This is shown by a black oval shape.

square folded double

Tie a piece of string onto a felt pen, pencil or ordinary pen.

Hold the other end of the string at the double folded corner.

fix string to corner

The string needs to be long enough to keep the pen onto the paper.

Draw an arc from one side of the paper to the other side.

draw arc

Take some scissors and cut out the paper following the arc that has been drawn.

Unfold the paper fan shape.

cut arc

After the paper has been unfolded, the once square shape is now a circle.

finished circle

If you need a larger circle,  take a large piece of paper or stick a couple of sheets together with tape and using a pencil with the desired length of string attached.

This would be equal to half the diameter of your cushion. Fix the end of the string to the middle of the paper and keeping it tight draw a circle with the pencil. you have got the rounded shape, cut it out of the paper and there you have your pattern to place onto the fabric.

The paper pattern can also be half a circle shape and will the need to be placed on the fold of the fabric to get the circle shape. As with bought patterns it is best to show an arrow and wording to indicate this.

Using the circle pattern as decoration.

This round pattern doesn't just lend itself to round cushions although these in themselves are a different cushion shape to have.

Once the circles have been cut out they can be used to make designs on square or classic cushions of all sizes or onto a quilt.

This shape doesn't really lend itself to patchwork but it does work well using appliqué techniques. This is where the additional shape is sewn onto another fabric either by turning the edges under before straight sewing or by sewing with a zig zag stitch.

Now this shape has been conquered why not try a heart, square or retangle shape as well.

There are many shopping outlets that have paper for all your patterns such as Crafters Companion.

Abakhan do have patterns for cushions or pillows as they have called them.

Enjoy making your circular shaped patterns to give a new look to your cushions.

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