Heart Cushions are a Lovely shape

Lovely shaped heart cushions!!! What a great way to make a statement about the look you are trying to get.

These a great to use in your bedroom but why not bring them into your living room or lounge. They will certainly be the talking point.

Make your room really feminine by having these shaped cushions on your settee or sofa.

Two definitions of the word "heart" in the dictionary are "the (imagined) seat of affections, understanding and thought" and " term of endearment or encouragement".

The Uses of Heart Cushions

This different shaped cushion can be used just like an ordinary square cushion but the little indention or dip at the top can be really helpful to ease or support jointed areas of the body.

On larger cushions the dip can be placed by the neck to support the head, under the arm to ease the shoulder or under the knee to support the leg.

This shape of cushion are great as decoration either as cushions, wallhangings or decorative shapes hanging from door handles or sides of prams.

On Valentines Day these can be given with a little message on them to your "true love".

Helpful Hints if Making Heart Cushions 

Making a pattern can be a bit tricky. Whether you make the "V" shape deep or just barely there depends on your choice.

If you get half of the shape looking good then this is all that you will need as it can be placed on the fold of the fabric and that way both of the points should be the same shape.

The type of fastenings for this shaped cushions can vary depending on the look you are going for. If the fastening is going to be concealed then down the middle of the back of the cushion is the best place and a zip or velcro can be put in the seam.

You may find that you would like the fastening on show and be part of the design of the cushion. The making of the cushion could then be turned around so that the two back pieces become the front to have either ribbons or buttons on show.

If you are unsure about using fastenings then these are not really needed at all if you are going to wash the whole cushion. Then you will just need two full heart pieces sew all around the seams leaving a gap for the filling and the slip stitch closed. This way would be best for smaller ones or for ones that are not going to be used a lot.

Hearts can be made in any size. Try making lots of smaller ones as these can be used as hanging decorations.This shape of cushion is quite apt to have as a wedding ring bearer cushion. As what can be more romantic than your wedding.

Enjoy using or making your cushions.

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