Sewing Instructions

This page will contain the sewing instructions you may need to make the different basic designs of cushions and ways of inserting fastenings.

If there are variations on the basic design then the way to sew those will be on the individual pages.

There are a lot of different types of patchwork designs and these should be shown on the linked page.

Cushion Sewing Instructions

Simple, Basic or Knife edge cushion.This is the beginning of making a cushion, and is the most straight forward one. This has a front piece and a back piece of material. The gap in this cushion can have a fastening of your choice or simply slip stitched closed.

Boxed edge cushion

This design of cushion is a variation of the simple design. This has a gusset or welt between the front and the back pieces of fabric. These can be made for inside use or outside.The gap can either have a fastening attached or slip stitched closed.

Frilled Cushion

This design is also a variation of the simple one and a frill is attached between the front and the back of the cushion. The fastening can be hidden in the seam, placed down the centre of the back or slip stitched closed.

Bolster cushion

A different shaped cushion as this is an elongated, cylindrical kind. One piece of material is used for making the body with circular pieces inserted at each end. There can be a gap left in the seam to allow for a fastening or the gap can be slip stitched closed.

Patchwork Cushions

These cushions are made from bits of material sewn together to make a new fabric. These can be joined in different shapes to give different pattern.

Instructions for inserting fastenings

There are different ways of inserting types of fastenings and you will find a way that will suit you. 

Many craft shops and outlets have fastenings, cushion pads, and fabrics to make your creations such as Amazon, The Range, Laura Ashley  and Hobbycraft to name a few that I have links with.

Hope you enjoy creating and making your own cushions to complete your room.

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