Making a heart pattern
for sewing or crafting

Beginning to draw a heart pattern can seem a little daunting or even frightening. Firstly the two sides of the heart have to look the same size and shape and if you are like me then I can possibly do one side but then the other side looks completely different.

Heart shaped bits of fabric

The one way you can make sure that both sides will look the same is to make half a heart shape first. Once you have this mastered, you can then trace the full shape using mirror images of the half shape.

Making a Heart Pattern 

Getting Prepared

The most important part of this pattern is getting the curve shape at the top right. If you are not confident in your drawing then you can always trace around something found in the home, as I have done in the following pictures.

Start by getting some paper that is bigger than the size of the heart pattern needed. This could be done directly onto the fabric but putting the drawing onto a piece of paper and then cutting it out means it can be kept for future needs.

The paper can be A4 plain paper, baking parchment, scraps of wallpaper, tracing paper or bought dressmakers or pattern paper.

If you are making more than one, the hearts would be the same size for continuity.

To recap before starting

  1. get the object or objects that will make the curve and the straight edge
  2. make sure the paper is the correct size 
  3. find a sharp pencil to trace around the objects
  4. find some sharp scissors for general use and not sewing scissors to cut the finished shape out.

Drawing the shape by tracing

Pattern for large heart

To get the curve at the top of the heart shape I have used a small plate, then using the ruler I have drawn a straight line down to the corner of the paper.

Large heart on pattern

The depth of the "V" depends on how you want your cushion to look and this can be altered to your choice. Some heart cushions have quite deep "V" middles while others can hardly be seen.

To alter the depth of the "V" move the plate towards the edge of the paper until the curve of the plate is at the correct depth.

Shown here is the start of the pattern and the finished drawn line.

Cutting the out shape. 

Heart pattern

The shape can now be cut out of the paper to use in making many things.

The above method of getting a heart shape only gives half the pattern, as with bought patterns markings on the paper pattern can highlight areas that need attention such a marking an arrow on the line coming down from the intended "V" so this pattern piece is placed on the fold of the fabric to get the complete heart shape.

Adjusting the size of the pattern.

The hearts can be drawn smaller by using smaller items to trace around, to get the small heart in the picture above I used a small plant pot saucer and a ruler.

Other items that can be used are lids from jars, the actual jar tops themselves, cookie cutters, drawing around the top of a glass and many many more household items.

When I sewed it together to make a small heart cushion, the heart definition was not showing properly so I had to modify the top as the "V" was not defined enough.

Ideas of using the heart pattern.

Large heart shaped cushion

Heart cushion

These cushions are very cuddle able and can give good support for arms when needed.

This cushions uses either two full heart patterns or one full and two halves depending whether there is a fastening.

Smaller heart shaped cushions

White Mini Heart

Little heart shaped cushions are mainly for decoration unless it is a type of pin cushion.

These can be made to decorate rooms by hanging them off door handles. Because they are soft these will not damage the paintwork.

These are also good when strung together to form a garland. Another use would be to fill these with lavender to make clothes in drawers and wardrobes smell nice.

To use as decoration on another item.

heart lap quilt

These shapes can adorn another item like this baby quilt shown in the picture. This quilt is a type of quick quilt I have made in the past.

The backing fabric had lots of little hearts in different colours so the larger hearts matched in well.

These were in place to hold all the layers of the quilt together and were sewn on using appliqué techniques.

Many people prefer the classic shaped pictures or cushions so the heart shapes can be used to highlight a letter or picture that is loved or treasured. 

Used in bunting these would give a very different but lovely look.

Some outlet both on line and in the high street have shapes that can be drawn around.

Enjoy finding your heart patterns.

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