Flower Panels

Flower panels cost £2.00 each (including postage).

They all have a little edging strip at the side of them showing the same design. This can be used independently or placed on the back of the cushion.

This shows a lovely floral design with different coloured flowers in a vase. The round edge of the picture is a gold colour with a black background.

This one is just lovely and bright showing sunflowers that will brighten any room. The background colour is a bright pillar box red with a brownish edge to it.This would be great in a conservatory or a sunny lounge.

A nice and bright look reflecting Tulips. This is one that doesn't have a little panel strip but, depending on the size of your cushion, could incorporate the butterflies shown at the edge of it. A great way to bring the spring into your room.

The background colour of this one is black. The flowers have rust, beige, cream and green colours in them.

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