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Homemade Crafts

The beauty of having homemade crafts is that they are specially made to suit your needs. Whether it is quilts, cushions or other items as long as they reflect your passion and personality this gives them individuality.  At the designing stage the size, shape and colour can reflect the style of  your room.

These can then be decorated as you wish to make them very personalised cushions and not have the mass produced look and feel.

I can't call these items "handmade" as they have been sewn with a sewing machine but are finished off by hand if needed.

Quillows are my passion as I think they are extremely versatile as firstly they are cushions that sit upon chairs or settees giving comfort. Secondly when needed they give warmth by becoming a quilt to snuggle up in when watching late night television.

I made smaller ones of these to use for traveling in cars etc, while camping, as a lap quilt or covers for babies to lie on. They are small enough when folded up to fit into a bag

During the course of making this website I have been making quillows, cushions and other items so that I can take pictures of the different stages of sewing to upload them to my site.

I have also made some knitted items as well as this is what I do when watching television.

These are all one off creations from materials I have bought. I do try to keep the items for sale up to date as not all can be recreated but if you have any queries please contact me.

Homemade crafts and other items for sale.

Decorative Accessories for all Occasions 

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Postage and Packaging

The price for postage and packaging is given for mainland UK. 

If you live outside the UK there will be additional postage costs please contact me with address details and I will let you know if there is any additional cost.

Returns are accepted if sent back in the same condition as received and within 14 days with the buyer paying the return postage.

These items are usually made by myself and will be stated otherwise if not. I do check seams, zips etc for any defect before advertising.

If you have any queries on anything that you have seen please contact me on the form below.

May I thank you for taking time to look and my homemade crafts.

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Please take care with any soft furnishing that it does not come into contact with any heat source. 

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