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Hello, My name is Eleanor and I will tell you a little about me and the start of this website.

If somebody had said a few years ago that I would have the beginnings of a website all about making cushions I would have not believed them.

Yes I have always enjoyed using computers but usually doing or playing games and as for building a website well I wouldn't know where to start.

In in January 2010 I signed up to do the course with Solo Build It , my tutor was an enthusiastic SBI'er herself called Sue Marchant. 

With the help of Solo Build It! My site was born on 6 March 2010. It is still growing as I am building more pages and with SBI I can do that because they take care of the complicated background work.I really can't believe how much I have learned in a relatively short space of time like

  • The art of writing which I had never done in length before,
  • The art of taking pictures,
  • Resizing pictures for the website,
  • Being able to comprehend basic html.

I get really excited at adding pages on my website and have now got more ideas for perhaps starting another one. But that will have to wait as I am trying to master all the initial steps on my first one. The amount of time I spend on my site really depends on me, when I started this site I was working 30 hours a week and did this in my spare time. But who knows maybe in a couple of years I will realise my dream to work from home as I said before. 

At times I have said to myself that I can't do all of this but SBI has really made it happen thanks to Dr Ken Evoy the founder of When I feel a little overwhelmed and down I sometimes read the case studies and think if they can do it so can I. I am also learning about me, myself and what I have been able to achieve so far, and hopefully will continue to do so.

Some information about me


I come from basically an arty family with grandparents, parents, sisters, nieces, daughters and son all enjoying some form of art and craft from Sewing, Knitting, Drawing, Painting, Acting and Music.

My love of sewing has been off and on for most of my life, it started out as a necessity back in the 1970’s when the high street fashion and being tall did not mix so the solution was to make my own clothes.

I then went on to enjoy doing cross - stitch pictures, which I find really relaxing.

While living in Hong Kong for eighteen months I learnt how to make quillows. These type of cushions are to me wonderful, so practical, functional and pretty. I made quite a few and then family life took over my sewing stopped for about 12 years.

My turning point

Came in July 2009 when I began making quillows again. I realised I needed a larger outlet then friends and family but didn't know where to start. I thought about working for myself, there was so many questions that I couldn't answer.

Gradually towards the end of 2009 I realised I needed an alternative source of income so that I could spend time with my family and events seemed to have taken over, as if this was just right for me to do now.

In a local free paper was a prospectus for the local college advertising all their evening courses. I put it in the recycling bin only to come across it about 3 weeks later when it should have gone out. One of the courses on the prospectus took my eye as it read "Do you have a passion, a hobby that you could turn into an online business?"

My answer was yes and that was the start of something new, now 8 years down the line  I never thought I could write so much about cushions. I have now included sewing into the mix as well as I thought to make cushions you need to learn to sew as well.

I hope you enjoy browsing through my website and will continue to do so as it grows. 

Thank you for taking time to read a little about me and my site.

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