Many Kinds of Sewing Crafts

A world without sewing crafts of any kind wouldn't be as interesting or colourful according to me at least. I think I need to be busy doing something and am sure many other people feel the same.

Relaxing....yes they can be, once you have the pattern memorised but at time getting to that stage takes a long time.

For many years I have been sewing, knitting and doing cross stitch.

Sewing Just being in the sewing room is a pleasure and unless a new task is being attempted, it is very relaxing and enjoyable. Experimenting is fun. 

Knitting - Once the pattern is memorised, if it is an easy one, this can be done while watching the television. 

For a more complex pattern that when complete is made up as a block of quite a number of rows, I keep a paper tally so I know what row I am on when a mistake is made. Some patterns are very hard to follow and mistakes can be missed. 

Again I will pull down half a garment if the mistake is noticeable but let it go very occasionally if it can't be seen. I still hear my grandmother saying "if a job is worth doing then do it well". 

Cross Stitch - I still need to concentrate on cross stitch as counting the holes and changing the threads takes time. If a mistake is made it seems to stand out like a sore thumb and that is where I will unpick to get it right.

Sewing Crafts doing - 

There are many variations on different types of sewing crafts such as cable and fair isle knitting and reverse appliqué to name a few.

Crochet, Tapestry, Embroidery Designs, Blackwork, Quilting and  Needlepoint are many more.

Many shopping outlets both on the high street and on line have lots of fabric, wools, threads, patterns, needles and much more to help with getting the desired end result. Some are Crafters Companion

All these handicrafts can be used to make cushions or cushion covers. The front patterned piece would be completed in the chosen craft and then the back with the fastening would be sewn in place, with the cushion pad inserted to complete the look.

The beauty of craft work is that worries can be forgotten as you are completely submerged in whatever you are doing.

Time really flies by.

Whether you want to try something new or for the first time...enjoy.

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