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Whether you know all about sewing or are a complete beginner, this really is the first stage of making cushions, clothes or any other type of soft furnishings. Getting to grips with this useful craft and learning to sew can lead onto making your own clothes and from there the world is your oyster so the saying goes.

If you have been sewing for years there is always a chance for learning how to sew something new.

There are many ways of putting in a zip, making a cushion cover or sewing buttons and each different approach is great and stick with it if it works. Here I shall try to cover some different ways as long as I have found them myself.

There are two ways to sew one is by hand and the other is by machine, throughout the time spent on this craft both ways will be use. Hand sewing can be used for the more intricate parts like attaching sequins, turning up a hem so the stitches can't be seen on the right side and attaching buttons or beads.

Discovering all about sewing.....

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Handicrafts such as cross stitch, embroidery and tapestry are done by hand. Quilting, Patchwork and Appliqué can be done both ways. Machines make the task quicker and with very sophisticated ones now even embroidery can be done on special ones.

Cushion sewing is one of the best ways to begin to learn to use a machine and to guide the fabric through. Most of the stitching will be straight allowing plenty of time to learn and at the end there is an useful item.

Never be frighten about this craft as everything can and probably will be unpicked once or even a few times until the particular task is done satisfactorily.

I am a great believe in trying over and over again and having a go. Fabric is quite versatile and resilient, just mind fingers near pins, needles and machines. If expensive delicate fabrics are going to be used for the end result maybe try with a cheaper version first.

There are lots of shopping outlets both on line and on the high street that cater for every choice of anything to do about sewing. Such as Minerva crafts.

Getting fabrics to practise on can be done in charity shops on auction sites. Use your washed unwanted clothes as well, memory quilts and patchwork started off using this type of material.

Have a go..enjoy..get creative them off on my sewing gallery.

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Please take care with any soft furnishing that it does not come into contact with any heat source. 

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