Shopping for creative sewing, knitting and crochet supplies.

The beginning of most home projects is to find books and things to help point you in the right direction and you let you finish your project.

This can be done with in a detailed step by step guide or with pictures to show how it is achieved. I am trying to build this website to show you both ways, however I appreciate that a computer is not always to hand while you are sewing.

That is where books can help. The basics of sewing remain the same throughout the decades, it is just a matter of choosing the ones that suit what you want to make.

Internet Shopping

I have shopped in Amazon and like the fast response you get. If you prefer to search yourself and reach all the Amazon pages. I have included the link below.

Amazon (UK)

Crafters Companion

Lots of different types of craft supplies.


All you need for your knitted items and there are projects to make such as cute animals to knit for children.

Half Priced Drapes (USA)

Large selection of different types of curtains etc.

Minerva Crafts

This craft outlet has a large range of fabric (dress and craft), patterns (vintage and new), accessories for all craft and a lot more.

I have bought from Minerva on a personal level and found them to be excellent for products and delivery.

Terry's Fabrics

Terry's Fabrics have a great range in curtains (ready made and fabrics), tracks and poles and a lot more. It is worth a look.

The Knitting Network

A new Affiliate in 2020, lots of yarns, needles, hooks, books, patterns (including for cushions) and kits for knitting and crochet. 

The Range

Many DIY, car, household, pet and craft things. 

Affiliate offers

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Please take care with any soft furnishing that it does not come into contact with any heat source. 

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