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Advertising can be made on Cushions and more. It is a personal website and managed by me and at times will accept income form this. The links will open to a new site. This site also has third party ads on some of the pages from Google Adsense and can be clearly seen

If you would like to promote your business on my site please complete the form below.

I am not promoting any product through a third party but it is there to provide a service and does not reflect a personal choice. I will always state whether I have used the product.

Cushions and more reserves the right to decline any enquiry that represents either a conflict of interest or not in keeping with the nature of this website.

If at any time potential advertisers are not satisfied, Cushions and more will refund their payment on a pro rata basis and remove any link and images. No links or images will be published until payment has been received through Paypal invoicing.

Types and Sizes Available.

Banner - Size 468 x 60 situated on a page of your choice. This will link to a specific location on your site opening a new page. This may appear on a page with Google Adsense. (50 p/a)

Text link with Short editorial- This links to a specific location on your site opening a new page. The link may be included alongside Google Adsense. (80 p/a)

Banner and Text link- The Ad link is as above. (100 p/a)

Unique package- This is your own page on "Best Cushions" that includes an editorial content and images supplied by you. Text links to your site. (£150 p/a)

Please note-Prices are subject to change at time of renewal and no ads will be placed on Cushions and more Home page.

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