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A group of cushions

Cushions and decorative pillows are the most versatile part of soft furnishings in home decor. They can be changed as many times as you want using different colours, patterns and pictures and all by just replacing the cover or...... 

.....go even better by buying new ones. Over time the cushion pads can get very thin with general wear and tear.

Words that describe them are comfortable, cosy, round, soft, squishy, cuddly, floral, abstract, small, big,  elongated, helpful, snuggly, different, gorgeous, learning, pretty, square, elegant, pure bliss, matching......and the list can just go on and on.

These soft furnishings and in particular the many cushion styles you can think of, creates the home you have always wanted.

Want to find out more about cushions and why we love them?

These pieces of soft furnishings, as well as giving support, comfort and interest to your room they can also reflect your personality, your mood, make a statement or reflect your passion.

Buying Cushions For Chairs

When furnishing a home there are lots of things to consider and cushions are one of these considerations. On a basic lounge chair or settee there are an array of different them and they have different uses.

Base, back and scatter cushions. How are the cushions going to be used? Beanbags need different fillings to a scatter or base cushion.

Hardwearing, for children and those that help us in our day to day lives.

Some Cushions are not what they seem and have a lot more to give.

Different or Unique: Not all are JUST cushions some have hidden secrets,  such as a quilt hidden in a pillow, a little home for a fallen tooth or a reminder of a special occasion. Others have an important job to do at special occasions or around the house.

pencil pleat curtains

Don't forget that curtains are another important area in soft furnishings and usually will match or enhance the cushions in rooms of the house.

What can Cushions do for you?

bought cover on plain chair

Brighten up a plain chair or settee

A contrasting, intricate or colourful ones can brighten up a plain chair or settee.

A decorative cushion that is very colourful can bring life to a single coloured piece of furniture. This has a more dramatic effect if the chair or settee was in a corner of the room bringing the persons focus to that area.

3 side edged cushion in row

Toning down a bright chair or settee

Just as bold cushions brightened up a plain settee then plain cushions can tone down a bright and distinguishable chair or settee.

Different shades can work with many different colour schemes or try some textured ones as well. A lovely knitted, velvet or corduroy one can add warmth during the winter months.

Chinese cushions

Bring Festivals inside

All religions have many festivals that people enjoy celebrating from the major holiday one to the ones that are celebrated on just one day.

These can be just for home celebrations or part of the whole community. A birthday would be just for the family whereas Christmas, Diwali, Easter or other festivals are to bring people together.

A cushion depicting something of these festivals would enhance that time of year.

Siamese Quillow

Picture ones showing favourite things or people

Many outlets have picture cushions that can show favourite things from cats and dogs to flowers and nature.

Getting pictures of family people or animals onto a cushion can also be done from other outlets and are a great way to show what you love.

Reverse Applique

Showing off crafting skills.

There are so many crafts that can enhance a plain bought cover by adding appliqués, beads, buttons ribbons or sequins in a pattern.

Embroidery works well also as there is many different stitches to learn and experiment with.

love cushion front

Bring the room up to date with the colour of the year

Each year there is a colour of choice from fabric, paints and everything in-between.

Decorating isn't usually done each year but adding shots of colour in forms of soft furnishings will bring a room up to date and can work well if that colour is also in a bright wallpaper on the walls of the room.

Interested in Sewing and Other Crafts?

From sewing beads or sequins onto a ready made cushion or its cover can possibly lead onto learning other crafts. 

It will be bespoke because you made it and a designer one because you have designed it to your own what could be better? 

Making cushions is a great way to learn to sew. A simple square cushion has straight lines to practise sewing seams.

Sewing and other crafts sometimes have a fastening like button and zips another step to conquer. With time, effort and patience the craft of sewing is obtained...this in turn can lead to 

  • Making Clothes
  • Making Curtains
  • Learning other sewing crafts

There can be so many questions on and I will try to give you the information to help you make your choices as well as giving you information of the different types that are used.

Delve into the world of cushions, crafts and a lot more besides.

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