The Double Crochet Stitch

The double crochet stitch is a very versatile stitch and many items can be made by using this one stitch giving different looks. It has a dense firm feeling and is quite sturdy.

The first row of any item is the foundation row where you make a length of how many chains you need for that project. 

This stitch will be made into a foundation row of chain stitches, it is always a bit harder to start as there is not much to work from but if you take your time with the first row making sure you go into each chain stitch by having the two "V" (front and back) on the hook eventually when there are more rows the crochet stitch should be easier to do.

Making the foundation row

Make a slip stitch first

To make the foundation or starting row take the wool and make a slip stitch.

To make a slip knot secure the end of the yarn with your thumb on one hand and wrap the yarn around the fingers of the hand that is holding the end.

When you take the yarn to the back of the hand loop the yarn under the strand that is already there and pull through. 

This can also be done by wrapping the wool around your fingers and not your hand.

Start with a row of chain stitches

When the slip stitch has been made, the crochet hook can go into this loop and pick up a strand of wool that is in the other hand.

The Strand of wool is pulled through the first slip stitch. This makes another loop or one chain.

This is then repeated until you have the correct number of chains on the wool from the hook without counting the chain that is on the hook itself.

The basis of double crochet.

Holding the wool and hook comfortably, take the hook and go under both the front and the back of the stitch so it looks like a "V". This will give a stronger, firmer stitch.

There are variations were the hook is placed under the front stitch or the back stitch and will give a different look but to learn the basis the hook should go under both stitches.

After placing the hook under both the "V's" of the stitch grab the wool under the hook and pull the wool through that stitch.

By pulling the wool through the "V" stitch there will now be two stitches on the hook.

Without going into any other stitch grab the wool with the hook and pull through the two stitches.

After the wool has been pulling through the two stitches there will then only be one stitch on the hook and the double crochet stitch is complete.

Begin again by going into the "V's" of the next stitch and continue along the line until you get to the end. When the end of the row is reached turn the work and then do one chain stitch which will give the height for the next row of double crochet stitches.

The extra chain stitch is known as the turning stitch.

Double crochet in Video

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