Wedding Ring Cushions

Wedding ring cushions or pillows can be part of a traditional white wedding in western countries.

The wedding party could include a pageboy and this helps to include the younger members of the family from either side on this very special day. Although the act of walking down the aisle with unfamiliar people on either side can be a little daunting for some.

The little bearers face is usually set in concentration to make sure that their important job is done well and just think of the big smile they will have when the final step is done.

Who would have thought that part of the soft furnishing family would be sharing such a special day with yours. You can also have other handmade items such as bunting to help you celebrate your day.

The rings are tied onto little pillows or cushions to protect them as they proceed along their journey to the altar and to stop them ending up on the floor if wedding nerves take over.

Sometimes if the rings are too precious then imitation rings can be tied on, so the real ones can be kept safe in the jacket pocket of the best man.

They could also include little handles at the sides or underneath for a more secure hold.

These cushions are usually small, white, square and can made from the same material as the dress.

If you are having a dress made then there is usually a little piece of fabric that can be used to make one.

Some Styles of Wedding Ring Cushions

These cushions can be plain, embroidered with a monogram or really ornate and highly decorated.

Beads can be sewn on and you can place beaded tassels at the corners. These cushions can also have sequins sewn on to give a little sparkle.

Ideally they will compliment the wedding colours. Although all these choices can be changed to suit the individual type of wedding.

Themed weddings could have ones of different shapes, sizes and colours to go with the bride and grooms ideas such as 

  • guitar shaped for rock weddings
  • butterfly or flower designs for gardeners
  • heart shaped for the romantics
  • steering wheel shaped for car enthusiasts

The list is endless, if you have a theme then there is usually one aspect that could be made into this cushion. 

Whether you decide to have a ring bearer pillow at your wedding or not , I hope your day is wonderful.

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