Couch cushions too soft

by Joan


My wife and I purchased a relatively inexpensive loveseat about a year ago. Almost immediately, we noticed an uncomfortable sag to it. I added a piece of 1/2" plywood below the cushions. This helped somewhat at first, but now seems to almost make matters worse.

I am wondering if perhaps the cushions themselves are too soft. They are obviously foam, approximately 6" thick -- but while they appear perfectly fine when unused, they very quickly collapse under even my wife's slight frame. Is there any way to "reinforce" that soft foam with a firmer material? If so, how and with what?

Or would we be better off replacing them entirely?


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Jun 28, 2017
Loveseat Cushions
by: Eleanor

Hi Jon
Thank you for your query, from your description if the seat beneath the cushions is fine, not saggy, then it is more likely to be the cushions themselves. Adding plywood gave the cushion a harder surface to squash against. Foam comes in different densities low medium and high. These have different weight categories as well I think. It sounds like the cushions may be low density so when you sit on it the cushion collapses but looks good when all the air is back in the foam. You don't say if it could be memory foam cushions as these will give more.
If there is room in the cushion you could put a layer of high density foam inside and keep the soft foam on top for comfort so it isn't a compromise on comfort versus looks.
If you replace the whole cushion with a higher density foam the seat will be firmer to sit on.
Sorry to sound rather vague but it is really trial and error but a firmer foam to me sounds the best way to go.
An upholsterer would give professional advise on this if there is one near you.

Hope this helps

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