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Maybe you don't know the way to make cushions or starting at the very beginning with making a pattern. Some people prefer to buy a pattern to follow but you can easily begin from scratch, by deciding on the size and shape of the one you want to make.

Different designs of cushions will have different sewing steps. These can seem complicated but if you take them one step at a time then it will soon take shape.

When your cushion is made, some thought to keeping it fresh should arise. Do you know about cleaning a cushion or pillow or how often it should be done? This depends on the type of use it is going to get.

There are lots of different techniques to putting in a zip or making covers.

Try an alternative to zips and insert a strip of press studs instead.

Another alternative is to use a hook and loop fastening.

Quillows are really easy to shake out of their cases and folding it back can be done fairly quickly.

Some types of cushion covers need a little additional touch like making bias strips for a piped edge or a frill. Boxed edge cushion give a different look.

Sewing in general will bring lots of ways to do the steps needed to get an item finished.

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People will prefer their own way of making cushions, sewing covers, fitting zips and doing finishing touches. There are a lot of different ways to solve problems in sewing and not all ways suit everyone.

Whatever way you choose to sew enjoy learning.

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