cushions with 1 to 1 1/2 in indention on front and back of cushion.

I have no pattern and I'm using the foam cushion as the pattern. It has a L shaped cut on either one or both sides of four of the cushions. When I lay it up against the foam I can see how it should be put together by the continous strip that is 5 1/4in. wide with a 5/8 seam. When I go the attach it to the front and back, it does not work like I thought it should. Is there something I'm missing in the cutting of the connecting piece or something else?

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Jan 11, 2017
L shaped cushion query
by: Eleanor

Sorry for the delay to your question, are the cushions you are trying to recover the base of an easy chair?
It sounds like you are making a boxed edge cushion. These can be a little tricky especially around corners when you have to be quite accurate and remembering to allow two lots of 5/8 seam.
When you have the shape of the cushion front and back the gusset strip should just follow the shape of the cushion pieces. When it is sewn the raw edges within the seam allowance can be snipped to make inside fit the cover better.
Could you explain what it looks like and what you were expecting.

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