What are Eyelet Curtains

When looking at the curtain heading, the heading tape for eyelet curtains is different from pencil pleat heading tape.

Eyelet headings have large or small holes (the eyes) that the curtain pole goes through. Poles can be made from wood or metal and come in varying width sizes and lengths.

In some countries these are referred to a grommet curtains and look very similar.

The poles are how these curtains are hung up at the window.

Tab top curtains use loops made from the same material so do not require special holes or in fact heading tape at all.

What makes up eyelet curtains

The main difference in most curtains are the headings used. This is what give the curtains their name.

The earliest form of curtains where found in medieval times where leather panels were threaded onto iron rods. If the rods were threaded through the leather could this have been the first eyelet curtain?

The Eyelet or Eyes

Eyelet ring

The holes in eyelet curtains have to be made directly through the fabric whether they are made in the factory or at home.

Metal or Plastic rings are then clipped into the holes to give support, strength and to stop the fabric from fraying.

eyelet rings in halves

These metal or plastic rings can separate so one half goes underneath the fabric and the other half goes on top.

These then clip together and hold the fabric in place to all the curtain to slide onto the pole with ease.

separate eyelet halves

When the rings are in two halves, one side as a deeper protruding middle with little prongs around the outside of the hole.

The other side has ridges between the middle and the edge and has a shallower centre.

Modern Look of Grommets Curtains

These rings are placed either side of the hole and clipped together. In a factory this process would be mechanised so lots of curtains could be produced.

The holes would be made directly on the fabric and depending on the weight of the fabric some interfacing may need to be added to extra strength. The curtains come in different fabric weights so will suit lots of different needs.

Variations of Eyelet Curtains

Cafe Curtains

Another version of these curtains can also be hung on a tension wire that uses smaller holes, such as cafe type curtains that come half way across the lower part of the window. Cafe curtains also usually have a frill at the top of the window leaving a space for people to look in or out of the window.

This type of curtain can be used in the kitchen, giving unhindered view out into the street or garden without passers by seeing the work being done.

Shower Curtains

Shower curtains usually have little holes at the top that hooks clip into to the go onto the shower curtain rail.

Although these are eyelet curtains, some are unable to go through the rail because the rail doesn't fix onto two walls without a ceiling fixing to hold it in place.

If the rail was between two walls in a straight line then the curtain could go directly onto the rail but when the curtain was being changed or washed the whole rail would need to be unscrewed making the fixing unstable. Hence the need for metal hooks.

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