Sewing an Ohio Star
Quilt Block

This is one of the first pattern blocks used in America. The Ohio Star quilt block is sewn together using triangles and square shaped pieces of fabric.

The block is made up out of nine segments some only consisting of one piece of material while others have different pieces sewn together. The term used for this block is called a nine patch, as all of the nine segments are sewn together at the end.

The finished patchwork piece measures 12 inches (30cms)

The Fabric
For this patchwork design you will need four different fabrics. This includes the background. The whole point of this design is to have the Star stand out from the background.

There are many shopping outlets that specialise in craft fabric such as Minerva Crafts

The Star fabric could be either darker, brighter or ,if doing it in reverse, paler than the background material choice.

Cutting out the pieces for the Ohio Star Quilt Block

Try to cut your patchwork pieces as accurately as possible to ensure the block fits together well.

Make sure the edges are straight and ninety degrees to the selvedge to ensure that all the pieces fit together.

Material 1 - Cut out one 4 1/2 inch (11.5cm) square. This is the middle of the star.
Material 2 - Cut out one 5 1/4 inch (13.5cm) square. Cut this in half diagonally to make two triangles and then cut diagonally again so it makes 4 triangles.
Material 3 - Cut out two 5 1/4 inch (13.5cm) squares. Cut each one diagonally twice so there are eight triangles.
Material 4 (background) - Cut out four 4 1/2 inch (11.5cm) squares and one 5 1/4 inch (13.5cm) square. Cut this single square across diagonally twice to get four triangles.

Sewing the patchwork points together

To make the sewing easier lay the pieces on a flat surface to you can see where each piece should go.

  1. Take one triangle from material 4 and one from material 3. Place right sides together and sew seam. Repeat this step three more times so you have four larger triangles with two different fabrics on each half one being the background fabric.
  2. Take one triangle from material 2 and another one from material 3. Place right sides together, making sure when placed in a square (with the triangles in step 1) that the material 3's are opposite each other, and sew seam. Repeat three more times to get another four larger triangles each with one side the same fabric and one side different fabric than the others.
  3. Take one of each of the larger triangles in steps 1 & 2 and place right sides together making sure the seams in the centre match, sew seam.
  4. Open square out, press and trim any excess fabric from the corners. This square now forms a point on the Ohio Star patchwork block.

Sewing the Ohio Star Quilt Block

First row - consists of two squares of material 4 (background) and one star point. Place right sides together with the star point square in the middle. Sew and press the seams.
Second row - consists of two star point squares and the one square of material 1. Place right sides together with material 1 in the middle. Sew and press the seams.
Third row - consists of two squares of material 4 (background) and one star point. Place right sides together so that the star point is in the middle. Sew and press the seams matching edges.
Place first row right sides together with second row matching the seams and sew in place.
Place third row right side together onto second row matching seams and sew in place.

Open out and press seam allowances to one side.

This has now completed the Ohio star quilt block and can be used to make a cushion cover or as a quilt with repeating blocks or part of a quilt.

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